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$2,482.48 $22,563.00
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5d:1h:47m:18s 20d:7h:9m:12s
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About 1,001 Miles

1,001 Miles Defined 

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1,001 Miles is a year long run to raise money for Children's Cancer Association, a non profit organization, offering award winning programs, information, advocacy and support to help enrich the quality of life for seriously ill children and their families nationwide.   Donations for Children's Cancer Association will be raised through per mile pledges from individuals and businesses. 100% of all donations will go directly to Children's Cancer Association and are tax deductable. To make a pledge, click on the link above.

How 1,001 Miles Started

In 2007, I watched as an amazing support community of family and friends formed around dear friends of ours whose daughter was diagnosed with cancer. This community helped pay medical bills, dropped off home cooked meals, signed up for around-the-clock on call support and posted inspirational messages for the family online. As I watched, it struck me that some families in similar circumstances do not benefit from such an amazing support community and that even those families who do have a support community as strong as our friend's still have needs that their support community can not provide. 

Knowing that Children's Cancer Association provides just such support, I set out in September of 2007 to run 1,001 Miles in one year to raise money for CCA. Thanks to the generosity of individuals and business, more than $10,000 was raised for CCA by the end of the run year in September, 2008. It was such an amazing experience, I decided to run 1,001 miles again in 2008-2009.

Notes From The Road

Throughout the year, I will be keeping a blog called Notes From The Road, chronicling my experience.

Why 1001 Miles and not 1000 Miles?

The first 1,000 miles will be run to benefit children with cancer and their families. The extra mile will be in honor of all children that pass away due to cancer during the year of the run.


Thank you for your support,

Chris Chiacchierini 

If you have questions about 1,001 miles, please feel free to email me